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"Let your experiences in life serve as fuel to ignite the light that shines within you."

- Shannon Earls

Meet Shannon

Mental Health Coach & Motivational Speaker

Shannon Earls is the founder and CEO of Dare 2 Shyne LLC. She is a Mental Health Coach and Motivational Speaker specializing in cultivating mental health for women while combining elements of self-love and self-care. Shannon shares her own story of dealing with mental health challenges while learning to take back her power by utilizing radical concepts to gain mental clarity and purpose and finding her passion. This led her to launch Dare 2 Shyne, a company with the sole purpose of educating women on how to shine their light through the dark paths in life for a brighter future. 


Born and raised in Georgia, Shannon Earls is passionate about empowering women who face similar challenges in life. Shannon started her platform as a mental health coach to create a community with women who struggle with stress and anxiety that are seeking healthy ways to improve their mental health. Shannon helps others by identifying their roadblocks while providing a safe space, and compassion to others. This is done through having the courage to shine their light through the dark times of their life while being proactive and taking the initiative to pay attention to their own needs.

 Shannon holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human Services Delivery and Administration from the University of North Georgia and a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health and Rehabilitation Counseling from Thomas University.


Taking care of our mental health is the best investment you could ever invest in. Maintain your mental health by incorporating these 4 elements in your life.

Saying positive affirmations

Express gratitude

Practice mindfulness exercises or prayer

Participate in activities you enjoy

“Shannon is so easy to open up to and has a very friendly, supportive and inviting demeanor.  She is always encouraging me to be my best self whether it be about my career, my relationships or my mental health.”

- Shalonda T.

“When I am not feeling my best, I know I can go to Shannon and feel so much better immediately after talking to her.  She doesn’t just listen to you; she truly hears you and what you are saying.”

- Stephanie G.

“Shannon has personally helped me numerous times with so many different things and is currently helping me develop a plan to make the best decisions for myself career wise and just about life in general.  I am so grateful to know her and have her as my personal hype woman and role model.”

- Kimberly J.

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